Your Independent Optician for professional eye tests, hearing tests, fabulous designer glasses & sunglasses and the most technologically advanced contact lenses


Professional and enhanced eye tests

Regular eye tests

Regular eye tests by a qualified optician are essential to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is as clear as possible. Conlons' enhanced eye-test ensures that any slight deterioration in your sight can be picked up .We offer private, corporate and NHS sight tests (am I entitled?) to all ages including children's eye tests. Book your eye test today and one of our highly-skilled and qualified opticians will be able to answer any of your eye care questions. Experience the difference at Conlons Opticians...

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Latest designer brands

Latest designs

Tailoring the right glasses or sunglasses to you and your prescription is a key to clear vision. As an independent optician, Conlons are authorised sellers of a huge range of frames including leading brands of glasses as well as designer sunglasses, and we continually update our stock to ensure we supply the latest designs. Please take a look for yourself and one of our experienced dispensing opticians can help you get the right look and feel, as well as the right prescription lenses. We offer a range for every budget as well as Interest Free Credit...

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Contact lens experts

Early pioneers

Conlons was one of the early pioneers of contact lenses and today we still employ experienced Contact lens opticians. We are independent and offer a huge contact lens range to suit your needs. Technological improvements in contact lenses make them suitable for a wider range of people. We offer 'Silicone as standard' for greater comfort and convenience. Why not pay by direct debit and receive free glasses worth £144 each year as well as many other unique benefits? There has never been a better time to try contact lenses. Book a free trial now...

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Retinal eye examinationMore about retinal photography

Eye care specialists

Eye Care SpecialistsConlons have been focused on providing a top quality eye care service since 1882. We employ professional opticians that are committed to quality, value and service, to ensure that your eye sight is well looked after and to provide advice and guidance on glasses, contact lenses and every aspect of your eye care...
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Free hearing tests

Eye Care SpecialistsBy choosing Conlons Hearing Care you can be assured of the very best service and care there is to offer. Our team of experienced experts can check your hearing using the latest technology and have the experience and patience to guide you gently through the whole process at your own pace. Book a free hearing check now...